What Do You Know About Adoption?


Have you found yourself in one or more of these situations?

  1. Pregnant and you know morally abortion is out of the question.
  2. Financially you just can’t afford to raise a baby on your own.
  3. You already have a child or children and you feel they might be better off being raised by another family.

There are three types of adoptions:

  • Open
  • Partially Open
  • Confidential

Open Adoption

  1. You as the Mother can choose the family to raise your baby.
  2. Open adoption means you can keep in contact with them through communication, letters, pictures, phone calls and even visits.

Partially Open

  1. With this option you can choose what kind of family you would like to raise your baby.
  2. However, unlike open adoption where you can have personal contact with the family, you will be working through an adoption agency or an adoption lawyer to find out how your child is doing through pictures or letters. You usually will not know your child’s full name or location.

Confidential Adoption

  1. If you decide you want no contact with the baby or the family, your choice would be to have a confidential adoption.
  2. An adoption agency or lawyer will choose the family and no details about you, the family or baby will ever be given. However, the agency may share medical information to the family adopting your child.

Most adoptive parents will pay all expenses for the hospital stay, attorney fees or adoptive agency fees. Whatever option you choose, let me say it is a very BRAVE decision!!

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