Looking for the abortion pill?


First question to answer, are you certain you’re pregnant? 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage; Care Net PRC of Neosho offers free ultrasounds to confirm what your next steps will be.

Facing an unplanned pregnancy is hard. You may be facing many emotions right now – fear, confusion anxiousness, and more; it can be overwhelming. I understand; I had an unplanned pregnancy at 18 years old. I wanted a quick way out of my situation, so I chose abortion.

Before you decide on abortion, I encourage you to be informed. Get the facts before you rush into a decision.

This is not like taking Tylenol, as many would have you believe. Here are some facts:

  • The abortion pill can only be taken up to 11 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Two pills are required:

                                The first pill cuts off nutrients to the fetus so that it dies.

                                The second pill is taken 24 to 48 hours later and causes craping and bleeding, expelling fetal body parts. It is advisable that you not be alone during this process.

For your safety, follow-up is important to confirm the procedure is complete.


  • Serious and sometimes fatal infections and bleeding. Bleeding will last an average of 9-16 days.
  • Undiagnosed tubal pregnancy. The pill won’t work if the embryo is lodged in the fallopian tube.
  • Failed abortion

Caring people are available to help you through this stressful time.

Visit Carenetneosho.org for more information and to ask questions.

An informed decision is the best decision.

Abortion on your mind?
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