How will an abortion really affect me?


Some circumstances change us forever…like pregnancy.

Where will this journey end?

How will it end?

What decision do I need to make next?

Where do I find physical as well as emotional support?

Your questions may seem daunting. You may be wondering if I choose abortion, how will it affect my relationship with…

                … my boyfriend?

                                … my husband?

                                                … my parents?

                                                                … my siblings?

Pregnancy often affects a women’s most important relationships, and many times abortion is chosen to preserve those relationships. If someone is pressuring you to terminate your pregnancy because it’s what is best for them, your relationship with them will possibly suffer painful consequences days, months, or years later. You may experience feelings of anger, retaliation, unforgiveness, and abandonment.

In my abortion experience, my boyfriend at the time thought abortion was the best. With him constantly pressuring me along with my fear of my parents’ response if they found out I was pregnant, I gave in when I was in my third month of pregnancy. My boyfriend met me at the abortion facility, and when it was over, I went out and asked for him and he had already left; that was devastatingly painful. Needless to say, the relationship I tried to preserve by abortion ended that day. My first response was retaliation, which unfortunately I acted upon.

Years later I received counseling to help with the emotional consequences of that experience.

Please know that if you or someone you know is being pressured to abort, please know that you have rights. This is your decision to make and you will be the one most affected by the consequences. Explain your needs to your boyfriend, husband, or whomever is pressuring you to have an abortion and try to involve them in counseling to explore positive options.

Talk to someone you can trust. Also, there are caring people at your local pregnancy center who are there for you… without judgment, without pressure. The choice is yours, as these two recent clients at Care Net Pregnancy Center of Neosho have attested to when asked “What did you like best about this center?”:

“The no judgment and understanding my situation.”

“No judgment.”

All services are free and confidential.

Let Care Net PRC of Neosho help you think through the possibilities.

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