Abortion on your mind?


Abortion on your mind?

Did you just find out that you are pregnant? Two lines on a pregnancy test weren’t what you were hoping for; I understand. Feelings you could be experiencing now are: fear, anxiety, dread, and just being overwhelmed. You may be looking for a fast way out, and abortion comes to your mind… “I just need to get this over with.”

May I just encourage you to slow down a moment? You have time to make an informed decision and get the facts first. Before you rush into a decision, just confirm that you are pregnant with a visit to a physician or a pregnancy resource center. Usually home tests are accurate, but there are many factors to consider, and there can be false positives. Then follow that up that pregnancy confirmation with an ultrasound exam. This will confirm the status of your pregnancy; this information is important. Did you know that…

…1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage

…the abortion pill will not work if you are experiencing a tubal pregnancy

…ultrasound will confirm how far along you are in your pregnancy

Having this information confirmed from an ultrasound is critical, whether you are considering abortion or continuing your pregnancy.

Our critical health decisions for our bodies belong to us. Those decisions should be based on facts, not emotions. Knowledge is powerful. Just taking a little bit of time to make an informed decision based on facts can be empowering. Our emotions are always changing; facts aren’t. When I had my abortion, I chose that out of fear, fearful of my parents and what my future would look like. I knew nothing about my pregnancy.

Before you decide, know the facts.




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